About us

Many of Atlanta’s early caribbean party-goers remember Four Seasons Sounds from the mid 1980s to the early 2000s. This award winning sound system was involved in major events and functions throughout Atlanta during that time. Supporters were provided with electrifying parties at which their ultimate satisfaction and enjoyment was always paramount.

In the nineties, the Four Seasons Promotion Team decided to realize their vision of creating a similiar legacy at sea and as such, Four Seasons Party Cruises was born. Aboard a Four Seasons Cruise, you can expect three to seven days of intoxicating fun. To say the relaxin’entertainment is surreal is to say the least!

Fun and entertainment is just one facet of this diverse entity. Four Seasons’ ultimate goal is to give back to the Atlanta and Caribbean communities, by providing necessities to the less fortunate. They have also provided scholarships to some of Atlanta’s deserving students. School supplies have also been donated to schools in Jamaica.

Are you celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary? If so, this is the cruise for you! High school and family reunions, this is your opportunity. Girls (or guys) get-a-way, or an association get-together, what better way to celebrate than to incorporate your special event with the fabulous entertainment that Four Seasons Party Cruise has to offer! Join us as Four Seasons invites you to experience the vibes, as they set sail on the 19th excursion. See you there!