Group Booking

What is a group? A group constitutes ten (10) or more paid in full cabins, each with two (2) or more guests per cabin.

  • Group bookings are welcomed on Four Seasons Party Cruise (collectively FSPC). Each group must have an assigned Group Coordinator (collectively GC) who will handle details relating to their group booking. As an incentive, GC’s are reimbursed their individual cruise fare, i.e. they cruise for free. All group members must be booked by April 15, 2016 and be paid in full by August 1, 2016. GCs are reimbursed after November 12, 2016
  • All organizations, alumni associations and clubs are encouraged to acquire as many group bookings to earn funds for their causes of choice. These organizations will be issued a rebate check as outlined below. All organizations are required to fax a completed W9 form with their group applications.
  • This rebate offer would be extended to the first ten (10) organizations that satisfy the group booking conditions.

The responsibilities of a group coordinator are outlined below:

  • FSPC must first be notified of your status i.e. (group coordinator/leader) via completion of the attached form for FSPC management in order to assign you a unique reference number.
  • GCs must provide FSPC with the names of their group members as they become known.
  • You may start booking your group prior to having all the members.
  • GCs may only include past group guests that were a part of their group on the previous cruise.
  • GC’s cabin must first be booked and ultimately timely monthly payments received in order to maintain leadership standing.
  • Your group will be assigned a unique reference number which will need to be included on all registration forms
  • Reservations may be processed online or via fax. If you are a part of a group please use your GC as your point of contact before making reservations via phone.
  • GC will have the option of booking their members or having the member complete his/her form online or via fax.
  • In all transactions the group reference number must be noted.
  • Payment dates and amounts must be strictly adhered to as outlined on the web site or credit will not be given for such members that are not in good standing.
  • Group members are subject to the same cancellation/refund policy as other FSPC guests.
  • Group cabins are subject to availability.
  • FSPC reserves the right to limit group bookings at their discretion, once the maximum group quota has been achieved
  • Separate groups may not be combined.
  • Group leaders must indemnify FSPC for a) any claims resulting from errors or omissions made by the group leader; and b) any disputes between the group leader and group members

The complimentary cabin/rebate will be offered under the following guidelines:

  • The value of the GC’s complimentary fare will be determined by calculating the average fare paid by guests 1 and 2 in each cabin of the group.
Average Cabin Fare Price Cabin Fare Value Earned Rebate to Organization
$699 – $859 $699 $725
$929 – $999 $929 $950
$1159 – $1229 $1159 $1185
$1349 – $1649 $1349 $1375

** In the event that your group average does not fall within the designated values, your earned value will be the lesser of the two fares.