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Marcia Brown

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Marcia Brown is the founder and artistic director of Marcia Brown Productions. She is an acclaimed producer, writer, director and performer. She is one of the premier female actresses in Toronto’s Caribbean community with a reputation that affords her familiarity and trust among avid theater goers.

In 1982 Marcia auditioned for the LTM National Pantomime in Kingston, Jamaica. This path would later herald the acknowledgement of her greatest passion “theatre”. Her passion also met with experiential training as Marcia successfully completed studies with the best of the best including the King of Comedy Oliver Samuels, as well as her very close friend and mentor and Jamaica’s Queen of theatre Leonie Forbes.

Upon moving to Canada in 1989, Marcia realized quite early that there would be challenges in the industry, the primary being “lots of talent and not enough opportunities”. She soon started writing short comedy skits and performed them for small to medium-size audiences. In 2000 she combined her vast experience in theatre with her producing skills to formulate what would later become Marcia Brown Productions. Her work included “Common-Law”, “Wipe That Smile”, “Rosetta”, “Single Entry”, “Feminine Justice”, “Children Children” and “Country Duppy” and I Need To Know My Father. However, the greatest production achievement so far has been “I Need To Know My Father” which has evolved into the longest running local production in the history of the Toronto Theatre scene.

Marcia has performed in all the plays produced by her production company. This is not an easy feat; from studying lines, developing characters, scouting locations, selecting suitable crew members and financing the dream, her hands have indeed been full. She has also acted in several LTM Pantomime productions as well as numerous plays.

As a writer, Brown has written all the comedy-skits performed by the group and has moved comedy from stand-up Internet jokes to real live comedic situations with costumes and more. Being a breast cancer survivor Marcia wrote and performed a skit titled “Ignorance” for the African Canadian Cancer Forum, which received a standing ovation and accolades from those in attendance.

Marcia has received several community awards in recognition of her work. As part of the commemoration of Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence (August 2012), the who’s who of the Jamaican Diaspora in Canada were recognized in a feature book titled “When Ackee Meet Codfish”, Marcia Brown is listed among the 250 achievers and contributors in this historical record.

The three stage productions that remain close to Marcia’s heart include: her first Pantomime “Tantaloo” her very first produced play “Country Duppy” and her very first written play “I Need To Know My Father” .

Re-live her work as “Joy” in the ever-popular film video “Front Room” alongside Oliver Samuels. Clips of this have been posted and reposted on the internet.

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