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Born in Jamaica, in the late 1950’s, Errol Morris (now known as “NAGGO”) developed the love for acting, and theatre at the tender age of 8. With a burning desire to make people laugh, he developed this craft by observing his father Vernal “Satchmo” Morris, a well-known saxophone player and comedian in his own rights; and his idol Richard Pryor. Now, the name Naggo Morris is a household name in the city and many have described him as “one of the funniest actors in the city of Toronto”. From stage plays to his own comedic stints, Naggo aims to please audience members whenever he hits the stage.

Naggo immigrated to Canada in the early 1980’s, and became an instant crowd-pleaser from his performances in “Irie Neighbour” – “ Gimme Life” and “Picka Bone”. He went on to write and direct “WAH” a stage play that was highly successful in the late 1980’s. From there he performed in “Dear Pastor” – “2 for 2” – “Big Yard Pt.3” and “River Mumma” all written by Devon Haughton.

In 2000 Naggo was offered a role in “Country Duppy” the first stage play produced by The Jamaica Players (now Marcia Brown Productions) working alongside the Queen of Jamaica theatre Leonie Forbes. Ms. Forbes was very impressed with Naggo’s work and went on to tell him “There are actors that do funny plays – but you make plays funny” these words have remained with Naggo to this date. Upping the ante to his performances, Naggo has taken on more serious and challenging roles over the years with Marcia Brown Productions in, “Feminine Justice” – “Wipe That Smile” – “Single Entry” – “Rosetta” – “Common-Law” and “Country Duppy” which was repeated in 2009.

He also graced the big screens in the award winning “Supper Bob” .Naggo has been featured in many community newspapers, and local publications. Off stage he is a self-employed Automotive Businessman.

Naggo lives for his community. He takes great pleasure in giving back to his community in anyway he can. This is very important to him so even in giving of his time by participating in community fundraisers/events, he feels fulfilled knowing that his talent has brought laughter or a smile to someone’s face.

Mr. Naggo Morris is a wonderful husband, father of 3, and a very proud grandfather of 2. …. “If you ca’an do good, walk good..”

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